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Connecting young leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, students - all who give a damn and are ready to turn their passion into leadership and action.

The Acorn Network is here to highlight the young leaders in our care organisations. For too long young people have been hidden, or not taken seriously in their career ambitions.


The Acorn Network is taking action through:

  • Events
  • Consulting on youth + employment
  • Building online communities
  • Writing industry articles, and sharing youth insights
  • Bringing entrepreneurs, leaders, and passionate professionals together
We’re not here to create followers, we’re here to inspire leaders.
— Samantha Bowen, Acorn Network Founder

With less that 1 in 5 workers under 35 (2), more needs to be done to build a supportive environment that helps young care professionals reach their potential in the workforce.

Most employees - about 60% -  in the direct (aged) care workforce are over 48, and less than one in five are under 35 (1,2). This problem isn't unique to aged care. It also affects community care, and disability care workplaces. We know more can be done to allow our future leaders to shine.

The care industry is no longer “un-sexy”, it is time to engage in the conversation and be proactive in recruiting, retaining and inspiring our next generation of leaders. Will you join us? 


Right now we are:

  • Building connected communities,
  • Hosting events to connect emerging and established leaders,
  • Sharing and building career resources
  • Raising the tough questions to Australia's organisations and Government

... so why should you get involved?



Connect with people who are driven to make the care industry their passion. Join us online, come to our events, be seen as a passionate care leader.


We understand what matters. Building the programs, events, and insights to advance your career. Join us to see career tips, and industry insights that matter to you.


The care industry is calling for more young workers, but are organisations able to give us what we need? Join us and together we can support our future workforce 


We need to create more awareness that working in aged care can be a very rewarding career pathway personally and professionally.
— Trevor Carr, (CEO) LASA-Vic

For those that love to read, learn, and memorise ... here are the documents to back up the above

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