The Acorn Network takes a collaborative approach to working with individuals, groups, and organisations.

We understand the complexities of our care and ageing industry, we work through intergenerational challenges, and (what we do best) we listen to what young professionals want. 

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Open doors you never knew existed. Join our one-on-one experience for emerging professionals and young leaders ready to take the next step in their career and become the change-makers of our industry’s future.

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Samantha Bowen is an international speaker and an experienced facilitator on a variety to topics like, intergenerational connection, mentoring, and strengthening our workplaces for the future.
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Our events are designed specifically with Generation Y in mind. We have events that they want, when they want it, in locations that are funky and fresh. Be it networking or workshops, we connect our young professionals with our industry leaders. Join us today!
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We need to create new ways of thinking and communicating if we are to inspire and engage our young leaders. Talk to us about youth initiatives that fit with your organisation's goals.
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Mentoring is something we all do. We find someone with more experience or knowledge in a certain area and learn from them. Be it a one-off coffee or in a formalised relationship, talk to Samantha today about career pathways, intergenerational understanding, and engaging younger workers today. 
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Not sure where to start? Send us an email, give us a call and lets start a conversation about how we can best work together. There's no time like the present.     |     +61 488 123 125

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