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Samantha Bowen is an international presenter and expert on Generation Y in healthcare and how intergenerational connection can strengthen our workplaces for the future.

Samantha Bowen is a leading voice on Generation Y in your workplace, with a strong focus on how healthcare, caring, ageing, and not-for-profit organisations can utilise their brilliant missions to engage our young leaders.

As a Generation Y herself, she knows what makes us 'tick'.

Samantha enamours crowds across Australia and internationally with her engaging personal story. Her presentations have audiences inspired and challenged. With ongoing research into Generation Y leaders, building resilience in our teams, Samantha's insights will showcase actionable and tangible tools you and your leaders need to take if you are to drive engagement workplace engagement. 

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Topics include:

Engaging our Young Leaders: Industry Trends and Expectations
Benefits of Mentoring for Young Industry Professionals
Being an Industry Leader: Mentoring & Sponsorship
Nurturing & Developing the Next Wave of Aged Care Leaders
Developing the Leaders for Today and Tomorrow – Insights for every Organisation
Counting Our Leaders: Mentoring and Leadership in Aged Care


Samantha has presented keynotes, been involved in panel discussions, and concurrent sessions.
With positive feedback and compelling presentations (no death by powerpoint here!), Samantha is ready to tailor a presentation to suit your audience.

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[Samantha’s] profound expertise in regards Generation Y and associated leadership issues was clearly very advanced. What was most fascinating was being educated about Generation Y. The idea of work and what attracts the best people.
— David, DPS Media