Mentoring is something we all do. We find someone with more experience or knowledge in a certain area and learn from them. Be it a one-off coffee or in a formalised relationship, talk to Samantha today about career pathways, intergenerational understanding, and engaging younger workers today. 

  • Do you feel that Gen Y/Millennials are just not understanding you?
  • Are you finding it difficult to understand certain attitudes and behaviours of your younger workers?
  • Are you unsure of the career path you can/should take?
  • Do you want to find out how Generation Y ‘tick’?

Samantha Bowen is Generation Y. She understands how Gen Ys ‘tick’, and what they want/demand in the workplace. Samantha also understand business, and that knowing your employees is vital to win the ‘war on talent’.

Samantha will walk with you as you build your understanding of Generation Y, implement strategies to create better relationships, and how you can be the best mentor/leader/influencer to your young workers.

Sound exhausting? You are the magic in the mix to influencing these amazing young professionals. You can help them become champions of your organisation, and our industry. It’s about starting small to make a big impact. You just need to know the next step that rocks their world.

You will be given clarity, and tools to create a plan that propels you towards a vision of generational harmony. Get in touch now!

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