Feeling ready for a challenge?

Are you ready to expand your comfort zone?

Feeling isolated in your current role?

Have you been told you need a mentor + not sure where to start?

Now is the time to step up and take charge.
This program can be the very thing that helps you leverage your relationships now, and into the future.

The Acorn Mentoring Program is an interactive way of learning through a five-month mentoring partnership and online learning program, allowing you to determine your own mentor path and identify the resources you need to succeed.

You can be from anywhere in Australia (interstate, urban, rural, remote) as our program is fully online. We ensure our mentors are accessible and able support the variety of challenges that can arise in our aged and community care industry.

This is a carefully curated program designed to support our mentors and mentees to build mutually beneficial relationships and succeed in reaching their goals. Not only will you be creating a bond and learning from emerging and established industry leaders, but you will build your industry networks, and have access to great resources to support you on this five-month journey.

Applications close late january 2018.



Acorn Mentoring Program is for you if you have:

  • A minimum 3 years leading and managing in team environments (Note: no clinical experience required).

  • Willing to commit 90 minutes a month over 5 months to connecting with your mentor and engage with program resources.

  • Must be employed in the aged and community care industry.

Acorn Mentoring Program_Why?


The cost of the program is AUD$522.00
Covering materials, resources, and program support from the Acorn Mentoring Program staff. We limit each intake to ensure personal attention for all our participants. Fee is to be paid on application.

If you do not receive a placement in this program, the fee will be fully refunded to you.
Yup, 100% money back guarantee.



We're pretty excited you're as pumped for this program as us! Fill out our application form and let's get you matched to an amazing mentor!

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How many places are there?
We are dedicated to creating a carefully curated resource and a great cohort of mentors/mentees, so our intake is limited to ensure you get the dedicated support throughout your time in this program.

I want my organisation to be involved ...
Brilliant. Reach out via our email info@acorn-network.com.au right now and let's have a confidential discussion today.

Why should I apply?
This is a pretty sweet Mentoring Program, connecting you with experienced industry leaders. You are carefully matched to ensure your mentor will have the skills to support you over the next five months. Oh, and this program is:

  • An interactive online learning experience.
  • Supportive but you are responsible for the direction, knowledge, and interaction you consume the program.
  • An opportunity to meet, discuss and hear from your mentor. Learn from experts on what it means to count the leaders in the aged and community care industry.
  • You will discover and learn about your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

This program is not:

  • A formal training program.
  • A qualification.
  • A definitive way to succeed or be promoted.
  • Focusing on on clinical skills. This is a resource to support you in managing and leading your teams (or projects) in ways that align to you and your goals.

Who can join this program? 
Anyone with a passion for aged and community care careers is invited to submit an application to be a mentor or mentee - students, CEOs, entrepreneurs, consultants, carers. All ages and from all levels of leadership are welcome to connect with our passionate and driven leaders.

What's expected of me?
The mentors (who are all senior leaders in the ageing, health, and community care space) are sharing their time, expertise, and knowledge with YOU.

  • Commit to the entire program (commencing in late Feb 2018).
  • Meet every 4 weeks with your Mentor (minimum).
  • Have internet access.
  • Be responsible for driving and nurturing your mentoring partnership - with support from the Acorn Network team!
  • Participate in program evaluations.

Is my fee refundable? 
There is no fee for mentors, as they are graciously volunteering their time and sharing their experiences.
For mentees there is a fee to enrol in our program. Payment is due before commencing but if you are not matched wiht a mentor you fee will be fully refunded.

I work in mental/direct/other health career. Can I still apply? 
Of course! Our program welcomes all applicants from a range of healthcare disciplines, as we know we are all involved in the ageing and community care industry in a variety of ways. We prioritise aged and community care applicants where possible.

Who can I contact for more info? 
If you have any questions, drop us an email - info@acorn-network.com.au

I can't apply due to costs/work commitments. Please help!
Acorn Network understands that work can get overwhelming, and sometimes it can be hard to be involved in programs that involve fees. Please do get in touch with us ASAP. We want to work and support you where possible. Email us with further information on the situation, and let's see how we can grow together- info@acorn-network.com.au