009 Lee Veitch - Workforce Strategy & Innovation

Today I talk to Lee Veitch. The Manager of Workforce and Innovation at Aged and Community Services Australia - otherwise known as ACSA. Lee is a human with so much knowledge of workforce and supporting all managers and organisations to see the benefits of engaging and inspiring our current and future leaders.

008 Nicki Doyle - From Clinician to Corporate Consultant

Today we chat with Nicki Doyle about how taking on different and unexpected projects as a clinician opened up exciting opportunities, why she made the move into consulting, and she shares how she has taken hold of opportunities (and half-opportunities) to grow into her career and develop the skills needed to take on that next challenge.

006 Andrew L'Arpent - Ageing in Common

Andrew L’Arpent is an internationally respected CEO, board member, and chairperson, who continues to push the status quo and challenge us all to consider how leadership in ageing across the globe can be supported by us all.

005 Sean Grealy - Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Join us as we talk about how start ups and aged care providers can best support each other to innovate, how you can prove to those around you that you’re ready for that next challenge, and chat about why embracing uncertainty is key to building the future we all want to grow old in.

004 Amanda Terranova - Find Your Tribe

Amanda Terranova is that type of person who inspires through her honesty; a former high flying NYC marketing manager who found her tribe and ‘fell into’ her aged care passion. This episode is for those who are yet to find their 'tribe' AND who've 'fallen into' an aged care role and never looked back. 

003 Kelly Gray - Co Design in Ageing

Have you ever wondered how empowering those around us can lead to better ideas and new ways of doing? Kelly Gray is a Millennial and over the past 13 years, has gone from a receptionist and student with a limited understanding of ageing issues to a leader in helping seniors find their voice and share experiences through co-design.

002 Stuart Smith - Disruptive Technologist

Are you interested in how gaming, astronauts, and parliamentary papers help form a career in ageing? Stuart Smith is an international researcher with a passion for developing technologies that facilitate independent living for all ages and abilities. Make sure you tune in to hear how disruption is key to transforming the way all ages live, work, and play through technology!