006 Andrew L'Arpent - Ageing in Common

How an infantry officer found a passion for leadership in our ageing industry.

image source:  Adelaide Now

image source: Adelaide Now

Andrew L'Arpent is Experienced Chairman with a history of working in the ageing industry in the United Kingdom, Australia and across the Commonwealth. 

He served for 30 years as an infantry officer in the British Army.  This culminated in commanding an armoured battlegroup throughout the first Gulf War. In 1992 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire.  After leaving the regular Army, he entered into the ageing industries where he saw the need to connect up the generations and help support older people on an international scale as chairman of CommonAge (or the Commonwealth Association of the Aged).

I just love hearing Andrew’s experiences  Listening to how someone who is a confident and trusted leader can reframe our understanding of aged care to meet the changing needs and expectations of communities and countries. It's a multi-national and multi-cultural challenge. Something he’s helping to tackle right now.

A battle is a massive effort of coordination - so is making sure an individual can supported at the end of their lives. It’s team work, pulling people together to get to the best possible service and support at the most vulnerable time in their lives.
— Andrew L'Arpent, CommonAge Chairman

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