001 Samantha Bowen - Youth and Ageing Advocate

What makes a Millennial want to become a change maker in ageing and aged care?

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Samantha Bowen is a board director, Founding Director of Acorn Network and the host of the Grey Revolution Podcast. Her personal story of resilience and how her Mum's healthcare journey highlighted the need for change, will show that passion for improving care, these workplaces, and getting young people involved in ageing discussions are vital for change to happen.

Aged care and ageing issues are often labelled as "un-sexy". In fact, it is regularly represented in the media when things go horribly wrong. Samantha is passionate about getting young people (Millennials, Gen Ys, Gen Zs) seeing the potential of ageing careers and highlighting how they can get involved in these discussions and this is an fantastic industry to be part of.

Whether it's influencing conversations in boardrooms, building innovative projects from scratch or leading teams in complex environments - Samantha's journey, and those she interviews in future episodes - will inspire you to step up to help shape our industry's future - regardless of where you are in your leadership journey.

How did you get involved in aged care? what was the spark that ignited your passion? Or was is a calling?  Comment below and let's get this conversation happening!

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