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I’m Samantha Bowen, founder of the Acorn Network, and I want to you to know ...

Being a care leader is overwhelming

You know it.

I understand, as our emerging leaders and senior executives tell me this all the time. They face barriers in finding career pathways, navigating community negativity, and building the workplaces you can thrive in.

There are leadership potholes and strategic leaks everywhere.

The overwhelm is real. I too, experience this everyday as a Generation Y leader in our aged care space.

There is a solution.
Build your tribe: A network that enables you to create the future we all want to grow old in.

Join our network of individuals, like you, who are ready to create the care workplaces we can all thrive within.

Now is the time to get started.

Yes, it’s hard.

  • We need to triple our workforce numbers to meet future care demands by 2050

  • 18% of the Australian public don’t trust aged care

  • 23% of frontline workers intend to leave our industry in the next 5 years - taking with them the knowledge, experience, and skills we crave

  • Just 9% of the healthcare workforce intend to enter into our aged care workplaces

Acorn to Oak_Acorn Network

Overwhelming? Scary?
I say it’s an opportunity for
you to step up and shine.

An opportunity for you to be the leader, influencer and change maker you want to be. We are all a product of amazing people around us. People who give you the confidence to take the risks and grasp the moments that make a difference.

We are all connected to a vast tribe of passionate change makers. Now is the time to activate these networks and cultivate these acorns into a passionate, thriving forest.

We know that nurses, university graduates, CEOs, town planners, entrepreneurs, marketers, lawyers and more - across all our generations - who are keen to come together and build the future we all want to grow old in.


(Luckily we have some amazing opportunities to get you started.)


The Acorn Mentoring Program is now AVAILABLE FOR ORGS TO RUN IN-HOUSE

Our tribe has connect with amazing industry leaders from across Australia.
Growing their aged care career + getting support from our established industry leaders through mentoring partnerships (and more). Right Now.

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Grey Revolution Podcast


Get inspired by the career journeys and passion of our ageing leaders in Australia and across the globe

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Samantha is a regular presenter, respected consultant + highly experienced facilitator on Gen Y / Millennial engagement, mentoring strategies and more.

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Be seen. Be heard. Grow your aged care tribe through mentoring partnerships today. Samantha is now available to support your organisation to implement this in your organisation today. Email to learn more!

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The Grey Revolution is hosted by Samantha Bowen. Where we talk to industry leaders (emerging + established) to get the inside scoop on how they found their passion for aged care, and discuss how is all started.

We know our why. Do you know yours?

Listen in and get key insights into the why and how of tackling industry challenges, hear the stumbles, and get inspired as they thrive in their ageing leadership journey. Are you ready to join us?


Hundreds of young leaders, c-suite executives
and aged care talent (just like you) trust Samantha Bowen.

Open the door to our future aged care leaders.
Join our tribe today.


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