Free MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) we have found that are healthcare, aged care, and leadership specific. All to get you up-skilled and learning about how you can make the biggest impact in your care career.*

Understanding Dementia - University of Tasmania

Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Duke University

Take the Lead on Healthcare Quality Improvement - Case Western Reserve University

Recognising Depression and Anxiety in Elderly Consumers (and looking after your own mental health too!) - BeyondBlue

You might think that effective leadership and productive mentoring relationships are the result of some lucky chemistry between two (or more) people. These books below are resources that I have found to be a great resource to improve your ability to maximise your leadership and mentoring abilities, so you can continue to excel in your care career. **


Power Mentoring:
How successful mentors and proteges
get the most out of their relationships

This is a great book on sourcing and nurturing mentor relationships that work for you (as a mentor or mentee). The tips you find in this book are a fabulous resource to get you making the most out of these relationships.

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(Forget a Mentor) Find a Sponsor

Not many people understand what a sponsor is. Heck, not many people understand what mentoring is. This book is about proving yourself in your current job, and how you can find someone who believes in your potential. 

Great book for those who have a great boss and want to ensure they cultivate this relationship in the best way.

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Getting the Mentor You Need

Harvard have some great books on a variety of relevant subjects. This book looks at the latest research on mentoring; providing practical stories and actionable tips that you can implement right now.

If you're looking for no fluff advice, then HBR is the go to for you.

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The Mentee's Guide

If you have no idea about where to start in your quest to find your mentor, then 'The Mentee's Guide' is a great book. This step-by-step resource helps you get real clarity on what you are looking for in a mentor, how get out there and find them, and strategies on nurturing these relationships to get the most out of them. The examples in this book are very thorough and help clarify how you can tackle each stage listed in this book.

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