Because you need a lifetime of experience. Right now.

Draw on the collective experience of mentors and industry professionals to drive you to be a better care leader

It can seem so elusive. Finding the advice you need at the time you need it from someone who has gone before you.

Someone who will challenge the way you work, and think, and achieve.
Someone who will give you career-specific advice and help you achieve your professional goals.

Someone that truly gets where you’re at
and where you’re aiming to be.

You need a mentor.


What if it could be easier?

What if you could access the experiences of other young professionals and industry leaders and learn how they’ve worked with mentors, how they’ve gotten the best from the relationships, and what makes it all work?

In addition, what if the combined know-how of this group was specific to your industry? People working in aged and community care including students, CEOs, entrepreneurs, consultants, and carers.

Introducing the Better Mentor Relationships Event

An opportunity for young professionals to connect and learn with other industry leaders and carers on a national scale.


The Better Mentor Relationships events are held around the country through the Acorn Network – an organisation established to support young leaders in aged care. The events connect leaders to other young leaders and gives advice to assist in strengthening relationships essential for young professionals who wish to progress through to senior ranks in aged care.


The events are ideal for up and coming leaders who understand the importance of the mentoring relationship:

  • But don’t know how to go about finding a suitable mentor
  • Is holding back from reaching out to potential mentors
  • Would appreciate strategies and advice to nurture an ideal mentor relationship
  • And want to know more about how the relationship will assist with their career
  • Or is looking to progress in their industry but is unsure of where to begin

The events are also ideal for organisations who want to expose their staff to vital business skills while encouraging them to network with other young industry leaders.


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Every event is carefully structured utilising a signature mini-coaching circle style. This means attendees can connect with each other and the event presenters – getting the very best from each session.

No stuffy panel lectures

No barriers between attendees and presenters

No obstacles stopping deep connection for young leaders

We’ve found it’s the most effective way to ensure our participants get the best from the event and come away with a full understanding of how mentoring will work for them.


I thoroughly enjoyed the night.
Such an excellent way to make connections with young people, and learn from experienced and influential leaders in the industry.

There’s not enough of these types of events!
— James, event participant (2016)


Acorn Network is the only organisation that focuses on the development of young leaders in the aged care industry. Every event and program is carefully designed to support collaboration, connection, and deeper relationships.

Large organisations who have sent staff to participate in this event have reported their consultants found it more useful than attending any other regular industry conference in the past.

I felt encouraged that there are younger people realising the value they can bring. It also confirmed that leadership development and support is still required to nurture and grow, although the experiences of the speakers demonstrated there are opportunities to be taken.”
— Bernadette, event participant (2016)

So many of our aged care up-and-coming leaders come up against barriers and don’t know where to turn to. Imagine being able to access real advice from proven experts in the industry to support them in their professional development?

Through Acorn Network, I reach out to CEOs, established leaders, and young professionals so all voices, topics, opinions, and viewpoints can be considered.

We need a place to talk and discuss how we can build a workforce where all ages are supported. Creating a vision for the future that works not only right now, but in 50 years time.


I’m Samantha Bowen, and I began Acorn Network in 2012 as a small, LinkedIn group with an intergenerational employee focus for the aged care industry. After enjoying massive growth in the first six months I came to realise the enormous gap where young professionals lacked support for growth within the industry.

Awareness of the need to involve young professionals is evolving, but this lack of emphasis on age diversity has resulted in it being placed as a low priority. Young people don’t see their peers achieving and leading, universities are not promoting its potential, and aged care or Not-for-Profit workplaces are not targeting young people in their training or recruitment.

I believe the need to improve age diversity continues as the workforce ages. Age diversity is known to be a key to overall business growth, improved problem solving, higher earnings, and more effective team performance.

Acorn Network is a frontline provider for these services and building a collaborative Network what will work with emerging professionals, students, established leaders, leading organisations and the Australian public to build initiatives that are needed, wanted, and sustainable.

In addition, I’ve created a specific structure for events like this one to ensure maximum connection.
You can read more about me here.



monday, 22 MAY, 6-8.30pm

Kelvin Club
14-30 Melbourne Place

Tickets from $58.00



tuesday, 23 may 2017, 6-8.30pm

Mirus Australia
52/26-32 Pirrama Rd

tickets from $58.00



wednesday, 24 may 2017, 6-8.30pm

hotel Jen
159 Roma St




thursday, 25 may 2017, 6-8.30pm

Public House
263 Adelaide Terrace


Are you mentor material?

Being a mentor within your industry has been linked to increased levels of pay, improved career satisfaction, and more opportunities for career growth. If you’re the kind of mentor we’re looking for, do keep in touch by joining the list below.

Finding a mentor can be a daunting task. We’ll help you get ready and get connected for some of your most important professional relationships.

Have questions?

Who can come to an event?
Anyone with a passion for aged and community care careers is invited to attend - students, CEOs, entrepreneurs, consultants, carers. All ages and from all levels of leadership are welcome to attend and connect with our passionate and driven young leaders.

Is my ticket refundable?
Tickets are not refundable, but you can transfer your ticket into another person's name if circumstances require.

I work in mental/direct/other health career. Can I still attend?
Of course! The stories, insights or our leaders, plus the connections you make will be applicable to many different industries.

Who can I contact for more info?
Pop my number into your phone in the case you get lost on the night – Samantha Bowen -  0488123125.
If you have any questions, drop me an email -

I can't make the dates of the events listed!
Acorn Network hosts regular events around the country. Send us an email (, subscribe to our newsletter to hear about our latest news, and let's work on hosting an event in your local area together.

I need sustenance with my networking.
Yes! We will ensure you’re refreshed through the evening. You’ll receive a drink on arrival and finger food will be available throughout the evening.


Mentoring is a series of moments created by you and your mentor to help you become the best professional and leader.

Start the process. Get in front of the right people who will help you propel your career forward. Join us.