Are your talented managers supported + inspired?

Now is the time to inspire confidence and ignite the potential of your organisation’s emerging leaders and young managers.

Too often your managers and emerging leaders feel isolated and overstretched. They’re seeking a tribe that helps them to grow into the managers of the future. They are looking for support, but instead the find your organisation’s leaders are too busy, have competing priorities, or are hidden from view and not accessible at all.

Imagine the difference when these same managers have access to the knowledge of experienced mentors and executives from across Australia; working with them to nurture their confidence and lead their teams with confidence.


Your emerging aged care leaders are coming up against barriers, and they don’t know where to turn.
Help us help them to access advice from experienced industry experts, engage them in opportunities that build their confidence, capabilities; and build networks with our industry's top leaders

When you sponsor your staff. you will be provided with key insights about our industry’s future leaders - while at the same time supporting your talent to lead and embody your values in all they do.

Now is the time to improve our next generation's ability to lead teams, projects, and create the aged care workplaces we all want to be part of.

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Our next Program launches in July.

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help build their tribe

The Acorn Mentoring Program is a carefully curated program designed to help Mentors and Mentees build strong tribes of support and succeed in reaching their goals.

We know online networking is hard so we have created resources to support them - like weekly check-ins, conversations starters, and information on how to make mentoring relationships work right for their aspirations.

Participants can be from anywhere in Australia (interstate, urban, rural, remote) as everything is fully online. Not only will they be creating a bond, building their tribe and learning from industry leaders, but you'll be supporting the future of our aged and community care workplaces.


  • They have a minimum 3 years leading and managing in team environments (Note: no clinical experience required).

  • Are willing to commit 90-minutes a month over 5-months to connect with their mentor and engage with online resources.

  • Have confidence in using online technology (e.g. online discussion forums, Skype + Instant Messaging experience)

  • Are employed in the aged and community care industry.


  • A minimum 8 years leading and managing in executive environments

  • Willing to commit 1 hour a month over 5 months to supporting their mentee.

  • Are employed or consulting in the aged and community care industry (they understand the unique problems Mentees face)

  • Experience in (traditional or non-traditional) mentoring relationships

  • Info on our past Acorn Mentors below …

A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s time to Count the Leaders and create a legacy with the support of the Acorn Mentoring Program.

Past and Present Acorn Mentors are CEOs, consultants, and industry leaders - all leaders with a strong understanding of the complexities surrounding our aged care industry. They are influencers, supporters, and passionate about the future of our industry and your talent.



So many of our aged care up-and-coming leaders come up against barriers and don’t know where to turn. Imagine being able to access real advice from proven experts to support each of us in our professional and leadership development. Acorn Network focuses on the development of middle managers in the aged and community care industry. All carefully designed to support collaboration, connection, and create deeper relationships, while also understanding the unique challenges and opportunities aged care provides. Will you join us? 

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Have questions?

What exactly is the acorn mentoring program?

This is an interactive way of learning through a five-month mentoring partnership and online learning program, allowing your talented managers and emerging leaders to determine their own mentor path and find the resources they need to succeed.
Participants can be from anywhere in Australia (interstate, urban, rural, remote) as our program is fully online. We want to ensure our mentors are accessible and able to support the variety challenges that can arise in our aged and community care workplaces.

When does the Acorn Mentoring Program start?
The Acorn Mentoring Program runs twice a year. Our next intake begins late July 2019. We are currently taking enquiries and organisations do pay for their leaders/staff to get involved. Reach out today to learn more via

How many places are there?
We are dedicated to creating a carefully curated resource and a great cohort of mentors/mentees, so our intake is limited to ensure everyone receives dedicated support throughout your time in this program. Get in touch right now to ensure you don't miss out!

Who can join this program? 
Anyone with a passion for aged and community care careers is invited to submit an application to be a mentor or mentee - students, DONs, entrepreneurs, consultants, and more. Acorn Mentees are lawyers, care managers, directors of nursing, chefs, entrepreneurs, consultants who are passionate about furthering their aged care career. As long as there is management experience (and a drive to learn) we welcome everyone to connect with our passionate and driven Acorn Mentors.

Is my fee refundable? 
There is no fee for mentors, as they are graciously volunteering their time and sharing their experiences.
For mentees there is a fee to enrol. Payment is due before commencing BUT if you don't get matched with a mentor your fee is 100% refundable. (Please refer to our Terms & Conditions prior to enrolling.)

My employer has a mentoring program already. How will this be different?
Our program will match your talent with a mentor/mentee who is outside of your organisation. Increasing industry connections, widening knowledge of different ways of tackling issues, and supporting professional goals. PLUS our program resources walk all Mentees through mentoring best practice AND support them to find mentors after this program ends. Helping them building their mentoring tribe beyond this Mentoring Program.
Yes, internal programs are fantastic, and we encourage you to explore these. We know that cross-organisational support is a way that will further support your people to become the leader they want to be.

I work in mental/direct/other health career. Can I still apply? 
Of course! Our program welcomes all applicants from a range of healthcare disciplines, as we know we are all involved in the ageing and community care industry in a variety of ways. We prioritise aged and community care applicants where possible.

Who can I contact for more info? 
If you have any questions, drop us an email -