Now is the time to step up and shine.

Too often our established and successful leaders in the aged and community care are hidden from view and not accessible to our young professionals. Start building mentoring partnerships with top industry leaders today.

Join the Acorn Mentoring Program today!


You will have access to the knowledge of experienced mentors; working with them towards your professional goals, and build lasting connections.

No longer accepting applications in 2018.
Next intake will be in January 2019. Stay tuned for more info!!

becoming a successful leader is challenging.
You're managing teams, juggling changing priorities, and identifying ways to build your own career.

CONNECTing WITH INDUSTRY LEADERS AND DEVELOPing SKILLS with your mentor is a great way to get a head start on it all and lead with confidence.

We know our emerging leaders are looking for mentors. 
They're looking for support, guidance, career opportunities to explore, and
to understand their own leadership potential. 

We also know that industry leaders are looking for mentees.
Individuals who are driven and passionate about our industry’s future.
They want to pay it forward, share insights, experiences and develop young aged care professionals.

Now is the time to connect them.  

A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s time to Count the Leaders and create a legacy with the support of the Acorn Mentoring Program.


For mentors

Join the team. Become a mentor and help our mentees step up and shine as they navigate our industry's leadership maze. #counttheleaders.

for mentees

Yup. We are looking for mentees to be involved in this program. Check out the eligibility and how mentoring can help you step up and shine through mentoring.


Why should you be involved as a mentee or a mentor?

  • Support our emerging leaders to step up and shine.
  • Grow your own professional network.
  • Receive training on how to nurture these relationships to their fullest.
  • Have access to some of Australia’s most talented professionals (both the young and young at heart!). 
  • Contribute to and connect with a large and rapidly growing community. 

What are the expectations?

As a Mentor ...

  • Commit to the entire 20 weeks (just 90 minutes a month)
  • Meet every 3 weeks with your mentee.
  • Assist your mentee in working towards their goal(s) and help explore their growth pathways.
  • Participate in program evaluation and review. 

As a Mentee ...

  • Commit to the entire 20 weeks (just 90 minutes a month)
  • Meet every 3 weeks with your mentor.
  • Provide an online update/reflective journal every month.
  • Organise, lead and reflect on meetings with your mentor.
  • Participate in program evaluation and review.

What exactly is the acorn mentoring program (amp)?

The AMP is an interactive way of learning through a five-month mentoring partnership and online learning program, allowing you to determine your own mentor path and identify the resources you need to succeed.

You can be from anywhere in Australia (interstate, urban, rural, remote) as our program is fully online. We want to ensure our mentors are accessible and able to support the variety challenges that can arise in our aged and community care workplaces.

This is a carefully curated program designed to support our mentors and mentees to step up and shine through great mentoring partnerships. Not only will you be creating a bond and learning from emerging and established industry leaders, but you will build your industry networks, and have access to great resources that will support you on this five-month journey.


So many of our aged care up-and-coming leaders come up against barriers and don’t know where to turn. Imagine being able to access real advice from proven experts to support each of us in our professional and leadership development. Acorn Network focuses on the development of young leaders in the aged and community care industry. All carefully designed to support collaboration, connection, and create deeper relationships, while also understanding the unique challenges and opportunities aged care provides. Will you join us? 

Have questions?

When does the Acorn Mentoring Program start?
The Acorn Mentoring Program runs twice a year. Our current intake began on Monday, 16th July 2018. Applications are closed and our next program will begin in January 2019. Email to join our waiting list!

How many places are there?
We are dedicated to creating a carefully curated resource and a great cohort of mentors/mentees, so our intake is limited to ensure you receive dedicated support throughout your time in this program. Get in touch right now to ensure you don't miss out!

Who can join this program? 
Anyone with a passion for aged and community care careers is invited to submit an application to be a mentor or mentee - students, CEOs, entrepreneurs, consultants, and more. All ages and from all levels of leadership are welcome to connect with our passionate and driven leaders.

Is my fee refundable? 
There is no fee for mentors, as they are graciously volunteering their time and sharing their experiences.
For mentees there is a fee to enrol. Payment is due before commencing BUT if you don't get matched with a mentor your fee is 100% refundable. (Please refer to our Terms & Conditions prior to enrolling.)

My employer has a mentoring program already. How will this be different?
Our program will match you with a mentor/mentee who is outside of your organisation. Increasing your industry connections, widening your knowledge of different ways of tackling issues, and supporting you in your professional goals. 
Yes, internal programs are fantastic, and we encourage you to explore these. We know that cross-organisational support is a way that will further support you to become the leader you want to be.

I work in mental/direct/other health career. Can I still apply? 
Of course! Our program welcomes all applicants from a range of healthcare disciplines, as we know we are all involved in the ageing and community care industry in a variety of ways. We prioritise aged and community care applicants where possible.

Who can I contact for more info? 
If you have any questions, drop us an email -

I can't apply due to costs/work commitments. Please help!
Acorn Network understands that work can get overwhelming, and sometimes it can be hard to be involved in programs that involve fees. Please do get in touch with us ASAP. We want to work with you and support everyone where we can. Email us with further information on the situation, and let's see how we can step up and shine together-