Prof John Pollears OAM

Super congrats to Professor John Pollaers for being recognised in the 2018 Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)

Prof John Pollaers OAM.png

His commitment to innovation and leadership from the manufacturing sector, to education, and to business has cemented him as a great person to make change and lead with difference.

Prof. Pollaers has been a weapons engineer in the Royal Australian Navy, the boss of Australian brewer Foster’s and CEO of Pacific Brands (yes, the socks and jocks company!) He's challenged workforces to think differently and leave a lasting difference for their sector's future.

He's the co-founder of Leef (an aged-care assisted-living company), the Chair of the Aged Care Workforce Taskforce and now an OAM recipient. He's someone who walks the talk, pushes our leaders to think out of the box, and is getting key stakeholder in aged care to see that ageing is something all communities, workplaces, and sectors must be part of. 

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