What classic movies taught me about mentoring

Guest writer: Jenna Leo

What do you do when you have a great idea? You know it’s a great idea so you have asked other people in your team whether it’s a good idea and everyone agrees it’s faaaaaantastic! You execute straight away and nothing happens. Time, your most precious resource is wasted, not to mention the money you spent promoting your idea. This is why you need a mentor, someone who you get along with and who can give you honest feedback and put you back on track - back to your focus.

Mentors come in many shapes, different forms, and are found in places that you never expect.

There are mentors who you specifically seek out, mentors who have been referred to you, and mentors from unexpected places.

It probably won’t be as easy as being destined to have a mentor like Harry Potter and Dumbledore. Mentorship is about finding ways to connect with someone who you value and showing them that you are worth their time - like Daniel-san with Mr Miyagi in the Karate Kid. And just like Daniel-san persistence is key, you want to show them you’re hungry!

But unlike the mentor relationships in most movies,
in real life mentor relationships are much less involve.

but just like many movies, mentors come from a huge variety of places.

They don’t always have to be the CEO of a large organisation. They might be a colleague or someone who works in a different part of the organisation to you, or anyone who is a great coach. The mentor-mentee relationship is about learning and knowing where you want to grow and how they can help - even if it’s just a quick question over an email, a twenty minute 20 phone call or a monthly meeting.

Preparation is important so that you ask the right questions, have a meaningful discussion, so that you can walk away with actionable points.

Especially in the aged and disability care industry now, there are so many changes going on that most people don’t have a lot of time. You need to find ways to make a mentoring relationship a two-way street where both your mentor and you are able to get something out of it. For example you might want to know how the industry has operated in the past and they might want to know how things are changing, or maybe you have met them before and you really got along because you expressed some great opinions or ideas. Really sell yourself because once they think you’re worth their time, they can open a lot of doors for you in terms of advice and networks.

So when you think of your next idea, think about who would be a great person to talk to about it.

  • Is it someone who works in a particular service or sales or marketing?
  • Is it someone who has experience in operations or
  • Is it someone who is connected to a particular network?

know your knowledge gaps and
look for a mentor to support you.

Now is the time to start this journey.
Start looking for your mentor today.

Jenna Leo
Founder + CEO of Home Care Heroes.

Through her journey as an entrepreneur in the ageing and healthcare industry, Jenna has built a solid foundation of mentors and advisors on her business journey. When not revolutionising how people interact in the community, she can be found sweating it out in the yoga studio.