Demystifying Mentoring

Being a manager (let alone a leader!) is exhausting, but also extremely rewarding. The to-do list never seems to get shorter, but the buzz we get out of it keeps us going back day after day.

Pushing your boundaries, setting the right goals, and working towards being the best professional possible is VITAL if you are to excel in your care career. Finding a trusted sounding board - someone who brings in new ways of thinking or provide a much needed reality check - can be just what you need.

Yup, mentors are those people who are extremely busy and leading amazing teams, but you have the potential to learn from them so you can grow into a better manager and leader. 

Think about your year. How are you planning to get a mentor who will push you to new heights? They can be wise, young, old, or outside your industry. Now is the time to be intentional and unleash your potential in 2017 and beyond.

I remember last year I was prepping to launch some events across Australia. I needed to connect with industry leaders, and push myself out of my warm and cosy comfort zone. I was scared, and a bit paralysed. I didn’t want to take action in case I failed - and in case I succeeded. Talking to my mentors helped me see that small steps that I needed to do to succeed. All these tiny steps amounted to a marathon, as I placed one foot in front of the other I was able to focus on the tasks (and not the fear).

My mentors understood it all. They had been there before and they helped me find the strategies I need to push through.


In the end not only did I succeed, but I was able to share my massive wins with them. I am so grateful that I am able to ask them for support whenever I need it.

CEOs, managers, and successful care leaders all have mentors that help them see life and work from different perspectives, from managing older workers, leadership styles, management practices. Great care leaders don’t exist in a vacuum, they have a strong circle of smart people who have different perspectives, knowledge, and skills that help them make the best decisions for themselves, their teams, and their organisations. 



So be intentional! The quest for finding a mentor is all about you. You need to seek and find someone outside of your comfort zone if you are to get those fresh and different perspectives that help you excel.