Meet our Melbourne Leaders

This September, Acorn Network is hosting a event to hear from those that lead in our aged and community care workplaces. (yup, we're pretty excited). These are the people that inspire us. These are the individuals that are leading the way through establishing initiatives, focusing on continuous improvement, and believing in themselves as leaders. 

Come join us, on September 6th 2016. It will be a night to remember. (tix no longer available)

Lauren Todovoric - Founder + Director,
Aged Care Report Card

Lauren Todorovic has worked in the healthcare industry for over a decade and has spent this time observing, researching and acting in various positions from clinical, to quality and auditing, managerial and a Cognition and Dementia Nurse Consultant. Lauren has established the Aged Care Report Card as a way of opening up communication channels and information sharing to support elderly people and their loved ones find quality aged care services online. Whilst for Aged Care Providers the ability to continuously improve their service through a number of management tools and key features.

Nicki Doyle - Director,

Nicki is an experienced health professional, having worked in the health, community and hospital sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has published and presented widely on issues related to service delivery in community health, ambulatory care and sub-acute care. Nicki is an established leader holding an adjunct position as a Senior Lecturer with the School of Medicine and Pharmacology at the University of Western Australia, and was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to investigate alternative models of allied health out of hospital care. 

Nicki currently works at KPMG in the Health, Ageing and Human Services Sector, specialising in aged and community based care, and is the Victorian Lead for aged care within KPMG.


James Thomas - National Organisation Development Manager, Estia Health

Upon completing a B.Ec at University of Adelaide, James was accepted into a graduate management program at a large retail group. Over several years he progressed through various operations management roles, each of which provided a range of invaluable learning experiences. Seeking a new challenge he moved into aged care, and has been lucky enough to be presented with opportunities in several roles across the industry. The common theme throughout has been an ongoing journey of self-discovery and continuous learning and making the most of opportunities as they arise.

Georgia Maher - Video Journalist,

Georgia started in admin for HammondCare in 2013, accidentally falling into health and aged care while studying. Georgia's passion for the industry was fostered through her final year of university in a communications role. Nearly two years later Georgia has now helped make video become an extremely popular and thriving way of internal and external communications for HammondCare.

Being the person who produces video communications, she has to work quite closely with the members of HammondCare's executive team, but as junior it was challenging to initially step up and lead these expensive projects as well as advise key members of HammondCare. But she quickly learnt, when you have expertise in a particular area, people value your opinion and guidance. Learning to believe in her strengths has helped lead a new way of communications for an informative and engaging company.


Lydia Paterson was appointed CEO of Care Guidance shortly after it was founded in June 2015. Care Guidance is a unique Melbourne-based company that provides help to families with the transition to aged care through a fusion of technology and services. Lydia has worked as an adviser to the federal minister for aged care. She is passionate about helping older Australians get the best care possible.