1st ingredient of authentic co-production

As a follow up from our last article on ‘The 5 ingredients of authentic co-production’, Kelly Gray from CommunityWest talks about the first ingredient of ‘who makes the decision’.

Kelly’s understanding of genuine co-production and co-design has been gained from completing a literature review on the topic, writing a ‘how-to’ toolkit and coaching aged care organisations and their staff. Hear from a guest podcast on how to implement this ingredient in your organisation.

Ingredient 1: Who makes the decision?

This is probably the most important question you will need to ask yourself before undertaking co-production. One of the main principles behind co-production is everyone plays an active role and has an equal say in the decisions made. If you’re asking people what they want, but management has the final say, then acknowledge that what you’re doing is really consultation.

How frustrating would it be to get asked over and over again what you want but never see anything change as a result of the information and time you have given? I think we have all had an experience like this. Don’t give your consumers and staff ‘consultation fatigue’; give them an active role to play in the decision making process, along with management and other stakeholders.

Remember co-production isn’t just about doing everything the consumer wants; it’s about all parties coming together as equals and working towards a shared solution.

Hear from Pip Brennan from the Health Consumers Council of WA on ingredient 1 here.

To find out how to start your next co-design or co-production project, check out the CommunityWest website or call Kelly Gray on (08) 9309 8180 for more information.