Depression Workshops

Looking for information of depression in the workplace? Finding that there are more depressed clients than you would like? Need that bit of extra CPD (continual professional development? 

Then this may be just the course you would like to get involved with.

Run by Beyond Blue, the Professional Education to Aged Care (PEAC) program is highlighting the stigma around mental health in older Australians, and in our caring workplaces. 

"The workshops were delivered nationally to aged care providers by organisations licensed to beyondblue. To overcome barriers such as cost and time for training, beyondblue has now developed the free PEAC e-learning program."

Completing enrolment information, will direct aged care staff to the most appropriate course for them (depending on their role and setting).

The modules in the program include: 

  1. Understanding anxiety and depression
  2. Anxiety and depression in older people
  3. Promoting the mental health of community aged care clients
  4. Promoting the mental health of aged care residents
  5. Identifying and responding to suicide in aged care settings (new)
  6. Managing anxiety and depression in aged care clients and residents
  7. Looking after your mental health at work (new)

To access this free program be sure to visit the Beyond Blue website for further details.