Searching for a mentor? 5 tips to reel in the best

It is common knowledge that having a mentor is a way to accelerate your career and move mountains BUT we know it is something that people (aka YOU) put off doing, even though investing in your own professional growth and development puts you to a great career advantage (in salary, promotion, and confidence). It’s also a well researched fact..

We have had a lot of people approach us saying that they are ready for a mentor, but not really sure about how to find them, or how to get the most out of this relationship ...

The most difficult part of the mentee journey, is finding a mentor that clicks and gets 'you'.

When I first started out on this journey in aged care, I was fortunate enough to find a brilliant leadership program specific for the aged care industry. It was there that I found some inspiring and high profile leaders who saw my potential and were willing to invest in me. From there my ideas, my passion, and my belief in myself grew. With every meeting I came away knowing I could try harder, achieve more, and dream bigger.

I want you to find your mentor because it has been such a HUGE part in helping me become who I am. So here are a few tips and tricks to get you on your way.

  1. Make a list of all the people you look up to, admire, and are connected to (by email, Twitter, or LinkedIn)
  2. Think about what it is you want support in (managing a difficult colleague, implementing a project, increasing your profile)
  3. Reach out and ask you potential mentor out for a coffee or after work drinks. Be yourself, show how amazing you are, and organise another catch up with your potential mentor
  4. Decide if this person is the right fit for you and what you want to achieve (... yup not everyone in senior positions is ripe to be a mentor)
  5. Join the Acorn Mentoring Program, and let us connect you with amazing industry leaders and work on your professional goals (click here for more info)

Remember that if it doesn't work out (or it was just a once off meeting) that is OK! I have had horrific mentor experiences where I didn't connect or I thought that they would be someone who would support me, these negative situations really helped me see how I could improve for next time. So yeh, everyone gets it wrong and not everyone is a right fit. You just need to keep trying and reflecting until it works.

It takes time to build your networks, and create an arsenal of awesome mentors. If you are keen for more insights then make sure you grab a spot in the Acorn Mentoring Program. A 5 month curated program that matches you with amazing industry leaders. You won't want to miss it!

Now is the time to step up and shine. Join the Acorn Mentoring Program today!