Over the month of September, Acorn Network has made some pretty awesome stuff happen. So we thought now would be the time to share these wins with you!

On September 6th (2016) we launched our very first National Event Series (Young Leaders in Social Care) to a sell out crowds in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. We had over 115 people attend these events across Australia, allowing us meet so many great young individuals who were passionate about the ageing and caring industry, plus they got to hear some some serious leaders of the ageing industry.

A huge thank you to our National Sponsor KPMG; plus we also thank Aged Care Channel and Mirus Australia for their sponsorship in Sydney. 

Samantha (our founder) was able to meet Layne Beachley (7-time World Surfing Champion) for a quick surf at Manly Beach, and attend her Foundation's Aim For the Stars two day leadership program. With high calibre mentors and presenters (Holly RansomNikki Fogden-Moore, Stacey Copas and more) the whirl-wind Sydney trip ended with awesome learnings and huge positivity that Samantha is applying into Acorn Network as we speak.

Also, we received a brilliant opportunity to present at the Aged and Community Services National Summit in Hobart. Samantha presented a inspiring piece on why we need more passionate and inspired young people in ageing and caring organisations. right now. With over 100 people in the audience it was a great way to showcase her expertise, highlight the waves Acorn Network is making, PLUS meet CEOs and senior managers from across Australia.

With more planning, more initiatives, and more collaborations happening the Acorn Network team is looking forward to creating many more milestones and opportunities to connect. So don't be a stranger and say hi! info@acorn-network.com.au      

Below are just a few quote from our awesome event attendees ... we have more events planned to make sure you sign up to the newsletter to get more info!  

I felt encouraged that there are younger people realising the value they can bring and receive from the aged care sector. It also confirmed that leadership development and support is still required to nurture and grow leaders although the experiences of the speakers demonstrated there are opportunities to be taken.
— Bernadette (Perth attendee)
I thoroughly enjoyed the night. It was such an excellent way to make connections with young people in Aged Care, and learn from experienced and influential leaders in the industry. There’s not enough of these types of events - ie none - that cater to young people who are not necessarily clinical, as most are education-type events with a clinical flavour rather than networking events about leadership - which is what I’m passionate about. I loved the small groups we were split into as well, as it allowed quicker, more direct and intimate networking which you also don’t often get. Well done.
— James (Sydney attendee)
You hosted a very relevant event and I sincerely congratulate you for such a great networking group with presenters of varied experience and career focus.
— Daniele (Melbourne attendee)
Great event! Keep at it and grow the network, so many like-minded people I know would love to attend your event.
— Rebecca (Melbourne attendee)