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Amanda Rogers is Manager of Employee Support & Relations at Baptistcare, and is building a strong network of young leaders in her organisation  to offer support and advice to younger Baptistcare employees. I recently spoke at one of their young leaders breakfast sessions and couldn't wait to introduce you to her - so here she is ...

Amanda, where did you start your career? 
I started my first HR job at SwanCare Group a few weeks after my final uni exams. It was an entry level generalist role, where I was offered the opportunity to be mentored by the HR Manager. There were three of us in the HR team (including payroll) and we assisted approximately 300-400 staff. At the time SwanCare Group had three Residential Aged Care facilities and Independent Living Units located on one a large site in Bentley, which meant we got to interact with the residents on a regular basis - including quiz nights (we always lost) and bowls tournaments (again, we always lost).
It was through these, and day to day interactions that I got to know the residents and form many special relationships which fuelled my passion to make sure everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

What’s been the biggest challenge in your career so far?
The underfunding of aged and community services.
Also working in Human Resources means I get to be involved and influence a number of amazing and innovative systems ... however sometimes my role also involves breaking difficult or bad news to employees which can be really challenging.

What advice would you give our graduates starting out in the aged care industry?
Don’t wait for an opportunity to come to you. Start making connections and having conversations with people in the industry who are working for organisations that are doing amazing things that you want to be involved in! If you haven’t heard about sponsorship start googling – now! [or just click here]

You’ve created a community for young employees in Baptistcare. Can you tell me why?
Together with Tara Burke (Manager Strategy and Projects) we created a space for aspiring and emerging leaders at Baptistcare to network, share information, and practical tips on topics such as mentoring, sponsorship, career planning, leadership, assertive communication, positioning yourself on LinkedIN and so on.
We are profiling our young leaders through education, communications and encouraging them to utilise social media and be aware of their personal brand.
So far we are trialling the group with the staff in our support services office – we have over 20 members and it’s been a huge success.

What inspires your passion for the aged care industry?
The ability to design systems and processes that can really make a difference to someone’s life. At the moment I am really enjoying the work our Diversity and Inclusion group is doing in relation to increasing employment and support mechanisms for special needs group such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, People with Disability, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex and Carers.

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working on aged care stuff?
I love learning new things so you will often find me taking part in a new class – at the moment I’m learning ceramics, crochet and photography. I also love traveling and experiencing different cultures; this year I’m traveling to New Zealand, America and Canada.

Tell us in one word, what you’d like to be when you grow old?


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