You are an innovator and a leader

I recently went to an event on using data for good. All about how collecting information, analysing it, and sharing can be used to create innovation. What surprised me was that it was quite simple to be an innovator and a leader, by creating small changes, just 1% shifts in how we doing things to create a small positive impact.  

It is the small changes that make the difference. Does Shelley work better in afternoon shifts in the Dementia ward? Yup, she is great at helping the residents during their 'Sundowning' and getting the other staff involved in these activities too.

Does your team respond better to meetings in the morning or afternoon? Why? How can you ensure that this happens? Is Elaine forgetting to attend meetings? What can we do to help her? Can we SMS Elaine a day before to remind her, or is a phone call two hours before the meeting better?

All of these things are examples of small, simple innovations. Innovations that help our teams work more effectively and efficiently. 

It is how you work in this team that separates you as a leader. Are you a supporter and a promoter of you team? Or are someone who is the opposite of that? 

You don't need to permission to start. You can be an innovator and a leader right now. 

Be positive. Be realistic. And be amazed at how your innovation and leadership is creating an amazing workplace to be in.