Stop hiding our young leaders!

What is your perception on aged care? Do you see young professionals as a piece of the puzzle or does it stretch your mind to see them there?

Right now, young people are excluded from many important discussions in aged care. Mature aged workers are promoted as leaders and advocates of our industry. In my research I have found it increasingly difficult to find Generation Y leaders in the aged care sector. (NB: I know they are there but it seems that we don't promote them externally to other organisations)

Let me be clear, I am not seeking a world where only young people are running organisations, or in management positions. I want to show everyone that we are in a world where everyone benefits, inspires, and respects each other’s contributions. If there is one young person advocating and inspiring others, it then allows other young people to see the positive effect they are making, and we can then show everyone that are included in the conversation of aged care’s future. At this present moment in time, it is difficult to see the contributions that young people are making in this sector.

When we talk to one another, or family, or friends, about our lives and our experiences (including work), where does aged care and young people fit into this conversation? How do we reach out together and challenge the perception that young people are not interested in aged care professions?

Now is the time to begin the conversation and shift our perceptions of young people and aged care.

Empowering young people to be involved in aged care professions is an important step to improving workplace age diversity, and improving workforce numbers.

Lets start promoting our young aged care champions. Let’s celebrate their achievements no matter what organisation or state they come from. It’s time to support the leadership pipeline, and show the world that young people are making a difference.