Where is my mentor?

You are an amazing leader. You are successful. You lead an amazing team.

Recently I presented at a conference, and was surprised to see that of the 100+ attendees (CEOs, executives, board members) none were mentoring a Generation Y (those born 1980–2000 — now 15–35).

Maybe these amazing leaders hadn’t thought about mentoring a 15–35 year old? OR maybe Generation Ys are difficult to find?

If we are invisible then maybe it's time we also need to step up. We need to start seeking out the people we are inspired by, ask them out for a coffee, and connect with them on LinkedIn. We need to start raising our hands and voices to say "we are here!" I am ready to listen. I am ready to take that next step.

We are leading in our offices, and workplaces, but are we stepping outside of our comfort zones? Are we open to saying "I don't know" or "I need guidance"? and can we do that without fear?

As Generation Y workers, we are known as being super driven, ambitious, and having a love learning. We are just starting in our careers and we are in a hurry to succeed!

Personally, I have five(ish) mentors who help me with different areas of my career, some who help me understand marketing, others who help me understand industry complexities, others who help me build on my confidence.

Here is my challenge to you!

We are all in different roles wanting advice, opinions, and someone to bounce ideas off. Now is the time to step up, reach out for what we want and need. I want to see you stepping outside of your comfort zone to reach out.

Your challenge?

  1. Seek out a a leader in your workplace, in an affiliated RTO/university, or in a different industry all together.
  2. Ask them why they are where they are, ask them how they got to where they are today.
  3. Do you feel yourself being pulled towards them? Do you connect? Do you feel like you can listen and learn from them?
  4. If yes, then then ask them to mentor you!  Show the world that you are proactive and ready to change the world!

Yes, they might say they are too busy, or they can't help you (maybe they don't feel confident in their abilities ..?) Maybe they can connect you with someone who is a better fit ... If you don't ask you will never know. It's time to take our careers into our own hands, be ambitious, and get scared.

Now get out there and ASK!