I'm not a leader

So yup. I'm ready. It's time to be honest. Time to let go and fly free.

I'm not a leader.

At least that's not something I see myself as. I see leaders as people who have a huge amount of influence, they are older, wiser, and way more experienced. Someone who mentors thousands of amazing individuals through challenges, tough times, and moulding them to become inspiring sparkly individuals. 

It's interesting as I am constantly asking you to step up and say "I'm a leader". I want everyone in aged and community care to see to see that they are making a difference and influencing lives around us. Even when we can't see it. 

So what is holding us back?

I started challenging myself to be a leader when someone called me one.  "Samantha, you're an awesome leader". I just looked at them in shock, said thank you and started thinking about why. 

I am a leader because I am raising my voice to an issue I am super passionate about (read here for more). I am a leader because I want to inspire others. 

But what is holding me back is the value I place on my own voice, my own experience, and my own passion. 

It's time that we started to see ourselves as more. We care, we love, we want to pursue difficult (but rewarding) careers. It's time to own it. Yes, it's freakin' scary at times - and we will stuff up. But it's about ownership of self. 

It's not the title you have at work. It's not how many people you manage. Anyone can be a manager. 

To lead is to inspire and encourage. It doesn't have to be an awe-inspiring change. It starts small, it starts with you. (click here to see what leadership actually looks like)

That is why I am stepping up to become a better leader. I am taking ownership of my thoughts and challenging myself to say "I am a leader". 

What's holding you back?

Add your comment below and share what is holding you back from calling yourself a leader.