What's the next step?

Ever wondered what the next step in your leadership journey could be? 

If you are a young professional (under 40) and intrigued about the idea of what involvement in a board in the aged or community care sector might look like, then we (seriously) suggest you get in touch with the Emerging Leaders in Governance program.

This is the program that helped inspire the Acorn Network's vision. Connecting, celebrating, and inspiring young professionals in aged care. Commitment to the entire 4 month program is vital, so if you apply and are chosen, you are agreeing to attend everything. It is a life changing program. Yes, really!

Leadership development. Governance education. Industry contacts. Jam packed content, for amazing leaders like YOU to get on a board.

One of the best parts of this program are the people. You will meet other young individuals who are committed to creating a better aged and community care future. You will meet great mentors, build amazing friendships, and have develop great skills to network with industry CEOs and board directors.

This program is provided through a scholarship program to chosen participants due to the financial and in-kind investment of the Community Partners.

If you are excited about getting involved, meeting CEOs of the aged care and community sectors, developing yourself as a leader, and learning practical skills to sit on a Board. Then click right on through and get more info.