Unintentional exclusion?

Over the past few months I have seen heaps of research is coming out about workforce. The current reports are looking at how we can keep our older workers recruited and retained for longer - which is awesome.

I am very excited that this is now starting to be a priority for Governments around Australia. How we keep our workers engaged throughout their working lives.

With the majority of our workers in aged care being over 45, this is something our managers and HR departments need to be aware of BUT is there enough understanding of the younger demographics in our workplaces? In aged care I would argue, we don't know much at all.

There is so much going on that contributes to a less supportive environment for a lot of our younger workers. 

Our young workers are marginalised in the workplaces - with less than 1 in 5 workers under 35 years working in the industry.  This statistic has remained consistent since 2003, event though the workforce has continued to get older. every. year. 

Where is the focus of our Government, and the peak bodies (ACSA, LASA, ACOSS) on understanding and supporting those young workers. Those who want to stay in the industry, but want to be understood and involved in initiatives, working groups, and committees …

We are sorely under represented on many fronts. We want to be presented with the opportunity to be involved in developing our leadership and management skills. The evolution of our workplaces are something that is sought after by all ages, but it's the younger generations that will continue to demand it.

To be an industry of innovation we need to have a workforce of diverse experiences and thoughts. We need diverse multicultural groups, and diverse ages to identify challenges and build innovative solutions together. We cannot just say that someone is immature, or not experienced enough because they are under 30 - these are phrases commonly heard by recruiters, and young professionals throughout the aged care systemAre we intentionally giving into these stereotypes? 

Now is the time to get intentional about including younger workers. Don't put it off any longer. Talk about how you can include us. Talk about it with your managers, executive leaders, and colleagues. Start the conversation today.


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