Why Mentoring Matters

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For many, the concept of mentoring is hard to understand. It seems elusive, formal, and like going on a blind date, BUT if we want different perspectives, if we want to grow and understand those around us, mentoring is a great way to accelerate our impact and growth.

Every day we make a choice to create mentoring moments with our staff, colleagues, and managers. Mentoring isn’t a daunting process. It isn’t a HUGE commitment. It about taking the time to democratise information our leaders have stored away, turning these connections into something incredibly meaningful.

Sharing a story over a virtual coffee (or tea if that's your thing) can inspire confidence, open up communication, and allow us to share the challenges we all face. It creates stronger relationships within our community. And stronger relationships mean so much especially as our industry experiences ongoing change and uncertainty.

Why mentoring_Acorn Mentoring Program

The Acorn Mentoring Program is an e-Mentoring platform. Allowing us to share experiences and networks with leaders across our vast nation. 

e-Mentoring is a relationship between a senior leader and lesser experienced individuals using technology as a flexible communication tool to drive connection, grow skills, increase knowledge, and improve cultural understanding - while also assisting in the development of the mentor.

But what are the benefits?

Mentee Benefits

  • Mentees identify their own skill gaps and partner with a leader to close this gap.
  • Improved understanding of industry perspectives
  • Feelings of isolation can be resolved - allowing them to openly explore and dream with leaders outside of their organisations
  • Provides opportunity for non-threatening feedback and performance “correction"

Mentor Benefits

  • Mentors increase their understanding of the challenges emerging leaders face, which they can apply within their own organisations
  • Generates new enthusiasm for the industry and pride in its leadership potential
  • Mentors are actively contributing to the development of future industry leaders and decision makers
  • Their skills, knowledge, and expertise are valued and embraced by our next wave of talent
  • Mentors are able to share and become aware of a new perspectives, practices, policies, and procedures

Organisational and Industry Benefits

  • Studies have shown that both mentors and mentees have a strong correlation with increased job satisfaction, and raised internal motivation and work effectiveness - which is incredibly important in aged care's challenging and changing environments
  • Increased job satisfaction has a positive influence on workplace environments, culture, reduces absenteeism, increases retention

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