Leadership v Management

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You are in this program to hear insights, learn lessons from your mentor, obtain resources, and implement what you all you need to succeed as a manager and leader.

But what really is the difference between managing and leading?
How does this show up in the experiences of our mentors and organisational leaders?

There are many discussions around how to motivate teams, how to inspire problem-solving, and how workplaces need to evolve for our future. While the goal you are working on with your mentor provides a clear outline and destination in your mind, the problem we continually face is that there is no one solution in how to be a better manager or leader, only multiple frameworks, and approaches to foster better cooperation with those around us.

I have compiled a few videos for you to watch that provide some great approaches, insights, and strategies to help highlight a few topics you might want to explore. Share one or two that interest you with your Mentor/Mentee and discuss it at your next meeting (or over email).


The Puzzle of Motivation - Daniel Pink

[18.32 mins] How do you motivate your team? This TED talk looks at internal and external motivators in the workplace and showing us that it might be time to look at how we each other to lead and work at our best.


The Importance of Thank You - Laura Trice

[5.40 mins] A short video that gets us to think about how we like to be appreciated, thanked, and what this means to us all.


Life at 30,000ft - Richard Branson

[30 mins] One of my personal heroes. Sir Richard Branson has failed and succeeded to many extremes. This video looks at his career, multiple-near death experiences, and why knowing your motivations is vital to success.


The Career Advice You Probably Didn't Get - Susan Colantuono

[14.02 mins] Leaders occur at all levels, including middle management. What has to happen to take you from middle management and move up in your organisation? This is one of my favourite TED Talks as it highlights that building confidence and people skills are not enough to progress in our organisations ... to continue to move and evolve we must also be aware of the businesses strategy and our own role in helping the organisation move forward.

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