Celebrating Success

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It seems a bit early to be talking about ‘success’ and what to do when your mentee achieves their goal … Now it really is the perfect time. 

Planning for what success looks like and how to celebrate this is an excellent way to identify what the future looks like.

For me, I have little wins all the time.
Signing you up to be a mentor was one of them! (I stood up and did a little happy dance - honest!)

Recognising how much our hard work is paying off and these small steps that build up to create the bigger picture are vital if we are to stay motivated and appreciate the hurdles we all overcome.

How do we measure and identify success? How do we Celebrate??

Many managers and leaders are incredibly task focused. They have SO much to plan for and achieve that once a goal or task is achieved, they just quickly move onto the next one. Never acknowledging. Never celebrating. Never reflecting on how far they have come and the impact they have created.

Sharing the success with your family, your mentors, and your colleagues help us all acknowledge the success. Success is what keeps us going, it activates our motivation, and allow us to see the challenges we have overcome.

Athletes do it.
World champions do it.
Layne Beachley - 7-time world champion surfer - said that they only win she doesn’t remember, is the one she didn’t celebrate. 

So what do YOU have to celebrate? How have you celebrated in the past? Big or small.
Talk about what success looks like. How you are going to get there, and what you will do when you achieve it.

How do we help others celebrate?


Keep it real

mudita_Joy from success of others

Extrovert, introvert, and all the shades in between. We all celebrate differently. Personally, I love a quick high five and calling my best friend when I’m #winning. Others enjoy a dinner out or a large meal with their mentor, or something else entirely. 
Find a way to notify others and express excitement about success is vital in leadership. 
If you and your mentee celebrate differently, great! Talk about what you do, share an example, and how important this is to your growth as a leader.


Acknowledge the struggle

Working towards success is hard! Especially when large long-term goals seem so out of reach.
My dream of a national organisation started years ago in a small room, with a piece of paper and a little idea. Every business plan, every person I have talked with, every initiative I have failed at has helped me realise what I do and don’t want to do (and be).
It’s a delicate balance of learning from failure. To celebrating near wins (see video below), and Celebrating success. Getting the balance right really solidifies the struggle, and allows your mentee to identify and reflect on their win.

Reward Progress

We know that waiting can be a bit tedious. But sometimes mastery is not the reward. It’s the journey. If you see your mentee succeeding and achieving on their way to their goal - acknowledge it. Talk about what's happening. Share their progress on your social media or LinkedIn. Help them identify the progress they have made.


Celebrating success is as important as the journey. Celebrating allows us to share it with others and reflect on our learnings and revel in the impact we are making in our world. Planning before we get there ensures we take that celebration opportunity and know what to do with it right away.

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