How is your match?

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What happens if you have problems with your mentoring match?

The Acorn Mentoring Program is here to support emerging leaders and professionals in the aged care sector, supporting them in building confidence and skills in their management and leadership capacity.

You signed up to be a mentee based on this. 

Most matches work well - but sometimes a mentor won’t reply to emails, or they are just not ‘gel-ing’ with you. Our matching process involves aligning your goals, and level of management and leadership experience with a mentor's identified areas of expertise and interests. 

Mis-communication and challenges arise in any relationship. Assigned and formal mentor matching is not immune.

Unfortunately, we don’t always get it right.

If you feel uncomfortable with your mentoring match at any time, we suggest one of two things

  • Discuss the problem with your mentor
  • Reach out for support

If something doesn’t feel right, chances are your mentor will feel the same way.  Talk about it and create an environment where you can re-frame your partnership and the program goal in a positive way.

  • Set your boundaries and keep them - but at the same time realise that flexibility is needed.
    Do you need to do this out of your working hours?
  • If meetings aren't helping you acheive your goals then talk to us! This partnership is to help YOU realise your potential!

Below are some common issues (and strategies to help you overcome these)


Accountability and boundaries are not being adhered to

  • Review the Acorn Mentoring Agreement that you both signed/discussed in the first meeting.
  • Reflect on what is happening and how is it making you feel? What do you want to change?
  • Discuss the Acorn Mentoring Agreement with your mentor. Does the agreement need to be re-visited or re-affirmed?
  • If language or response time is an issue (e.g. time taken to complete), discuss how this impacts on you as a mentee, and brain storm with your mentor ways to resolve it.

Re-framing or re-designing your goal

  • Where do I see myself in 5-10 years time?
  • What goal can help me get there? Can my mentor help me define this goal?
  • What is my driver for wanting to meet this goal?
  • This is an important goal for me. Can my mentor help me gain a bit of clarity?
    How can they help me reach this goal? Is there something in [insert topic/s] that my mentor can assist me with over the next few months? OR do I need to talk to the Program Coordinator?

The best time to discuss any reservations or concerns is today.

If you can't talk with your mentor or you want assistance at any time call [0488 123 125] or email [].

You are within your rights (as outlined in the T&Cs) to end this relationship at any time. No fault to you or your mentor. 

Know that we are here to support you in whatever way we can.

Re-read the T&Cs here.