Why do mentors want to invest in you?

Mentors are here to support you, but it can also provide an opportunity for your mentor to reflect on their skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities. They learn so much about themselves in the advice and support they provide. Creating opportunity for them to reflect on their own experiences and how it has helped shape their own journey

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Though we often view mentors as a source of all knowledge and wisdom, they can help us to believe in ourselves, realise our potential and take action.

What is a mentor? They are someone who:

  • Opens doors
  • Pushes you beyond your limits
  • Makes you think wider and deeper
  • Is there for you during a tough time 
  • You might not even realise is a mentor

Think about your mentors (from primary school to now). Who has made an impression on you? Who has helped you celebrate success? Who has sat down with you to figure out a problem, or challenged you to think differently?

Mentors play different roles to genuinely and sincerely assist us on our journey. It's a bold step to mentor someone, so whats in it for them?

They get to:

  • Make new connections with emerging industry leaders
  • Hear new ways of thinking
  • Be exposed to best practice
  • Support a motivated and driven individual
  • See that their advice and support is being implemented and acknowledged
  • See where their strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Help advise and support those that will be involved in the future of our industry

Mentoring can be taxing, especially when paired with someone you don't know - like in the Acorn Mentoring Program. But it's your ability to see the support your mentor brings, and work with them to build a curiosity and be vulnerable with each other. Then you know that this relationship will continue to grow and thrive beyond the length of the Acorn Mentoring Program.

Best of luck in nurturing these awesome mentoring partnerships. You got this.