Failure: An opportunity to reflect

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No one is right all the time. 

Being wrong or failing can make us feel embarrassed, it can be anxiety provoking, and it can make us feel utterly alone.
It is only through failure and reflection that we can truly appreciate how far we have come and appreciate the people who stand beside us.
Failure can happen in a simple conversation with a colleague, a task we didn’t get done, or even procrastinating too well.
Failure is all around us, and it’s something we all need to identify and reflect upon.

This TED talk by Kathryn Shultz presents a great argument about how failing and being fallible is not something we should avoid. We should embrace it!

I am open about fear and failure. It helps me break down mistakes, reflect on why they occurred and creates accountability to be better for next time. 

Be open to the fear of failure and sharing experiences:

  1. Have you made mistakes over the past six months? Were they small or bigger? Can you share this with your mentoring partner?
  2. When did you realise you made this error?
  3. What happened as a result of the mistake? 
  4. How did it make you feel?
  5. How did you overcome/change the error? Could you change it?
  6. What did you learn?
    • In your career, what has been one of the biggest mistakes you have ever made? Why is it a failure?
    • How did it affect your career and overall personal/life journey? What did you feel?

Sometimes we can't help but highlight how others have failed - most of us have. In this video, Brené Brown talks about why we blame others, how it sabotages our relationships, and why we need to move beyond blame.

Failure is a part of leading. It is part of succeeding. It's time to acknowledge this process and know that by sharing failure with people you trust, you can become better at everything you do.