Coaching v Mentoring

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Coaches can be mentors, but not all mentors need to be coaches.
Just like not all managers are leaders. Nor are all leaders managers.

Your experience as a leader and the knowledge you have of the aged care industry will be a tremendous asset. 

Your hard won wisdom, the experiences you share, and the direction you provide can be a catalyst for so much more.

Mentoring provides a neutral sounding board, coupled with total confidentiality and no agenda other than to assist the mentee in achieving their goals. That is our aim in matching you with your Acorn Mentee.

Coaching, in contrast, is about developing specific skills for a task, situation, or challenge. A coach is invested in a result and helping the mentee get there as quickly as possible. They can do this through providing advice, frameworks, and constant assessment of progress made.

As we can see, coaching and mentoring have some real similarities.

In the Acorn Mentoring Program we are not expecting Acorn Mentors to be coaches. What we do expect is for you to help create a space for Acorn Mentees to talk about their goals, aspirations, challenges, and allow them to explore the options available to them. 

It’s about asking questions to help them find their way. [tips and resources here]

As an Acorn Mentor you will know that you don’t need to have all the answers.

All we need is to create a space to explore possibilities and share experiences.

Sometimes having someone there who takes the time to listen and believe in our potential, is the catalyst we need to believe in ourselves and the positive impact we can create.

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