The First Meeting ...

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Mentoring is all about intention, visibility, and helping your mentee find pathways that assist them to take control of their careers.

For many emerging leaders and managers, mentoring can be difficult as they can be unsure of how these relationships work, what their responsibilities are, or even feel they aren’t ready to aim for BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). Luckily they have you.

The first meeting is a great step for them to show initiative and demonstrate their leadership potential. Having said that, Acorn Mentees should come to their first meeting having:

In the first meeting, we expect that the priority will be to discuss the Mentoring Agreement and confirming each others expectations - plus reviewing the mentee’s goal for the program. Apart from these formalities, we do hope you enjoy your first meeting and have a great time getting to know your mentee over a virtual coffee.

    Good luck on your Acorn Mentoring journey. If you have any questions pop through an email to

    If you would like instructions on how to download Skype or Zoom onto your computer (or smart phone/tablet), please refer to these instructions.

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