Personality (+ other) Quizzes

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Some of us love a good quiz.
It can give us a bit of insight into how we interact and relate to others - even how we can be better learners.

The quizzes listed below are all free to use and require no registration. 

  • NERIS Personality Quiz (no registration needed) - 15 mins
    • Provides information on:
      • Your personality type
      • Top 5 strengths
      • Top 5 weaknesses
      • Career paths
      • Workplace habits
  • Truity TypeFinder Personality Test (no registration needed) - 15 mins
    • Provides information on: 
      • Short summary on your personality type
      • Learning Styles
  • VARK Questionnaire (no registration) - 10 minutes
    • Provides information on what style of learning fits you best (Visual, Audible, Read/write or Kinesthetic)


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Disclaimer: Please uses these quizzes as a basis for discussion only. If you feel it doesn’t fit or want to make life changing decisions (e.g. becoming a superhero or moving to Mongolia) then look into the appropriate paid versions of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (US$50) and/or the Gallup Strengths Finder (US$20) and do your research!