Acorn Mentoring Agreement

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[Link to the Acorn Mentoring Agreement .PDF]

The Acorn Mentor Program is a mentoring partnership matching program which connects experienced business managers and leaders with emerging aged care leaders to assist them in the development of their management and leadership skills.

The Mentoring Working Agreement will help mentors and mentees in laying the foundations of a successful mentoring relationship. At the beginning of your first meeting, please agree to (and sign) this document together, and keep for your own personal record. 

Your Mentoring Agreement is for a 5-month period. 
It may be renewed at the end of this program if agreed between you and your mentor.

The primary role of an Acorn Mentor is to be a sounding board to assist the mentee to develop their management and leadership skills so the mentee can become a more effective leader and industry professional. This may include supporting the mentee in expanding their networks, creating a career development plan, or encouraging broader depth in specific knowledge areas.

In return for their valuable mentoring service, we expect mentees to:

  1. Be available and on time for all meetings, or communicate with your mentor to reschedule well in advance.
  2. Come prepared for each session, be clear about what topics you want to discuss, and an idea of what you want to achieve from each session.
  3. Complete all agreed actions.

While emergencies do happen, your mentor has the right to cancel this agreement if mentees:

  • Miss or are late for two or more meetings without notice.
  • Do not complete agreed upon actions for six weeks or more.

Mentees also have the right to end this agreement if your mentor:

  • Is late or not available for two (or more) agreed upon meetings without prior notice.
  • Does not fulfil on their agreed upon primary role as a mentor.

We will be in touch with you and your partner after your first meeting to check in on the match.

If dissatisfied with the mentoring for any reason, we ask that mentees speak with their mentor about this in the first instance. If not satisfied, contact Samantha to discuss your options via


Negotiating the Mentoring Relationship

Meeting Format:                                                            
How would you like to meet? Would you like to have meetings in-person, over the phone, video conferencing, email, or live text chat? What will the format of the meeting be?

Frequency of Meetings:                                     
Would you like to meet monthly as a minimum? Or would you like to meet more frequently?

What days and times typically work for each of you?

Length of meetings:                                         
We recommend meetings be 60 minutes in length. Does this work for you both?

Availability between meetings:                                
Can the mentee phone or email the mentor between meetings? We recommend an open conversation about how much this might/should happen.

What is the best way to notify each other in case a meeting needs to be postponed? SMS / phone / email ?

Will you submit an agenda before the meeting? If you agree, the mentor may want to provide input as well. This may include updates, specific discussion topic(s), action items and setting the next meeting date and format.

We recommend you both commit to following through on action points developed in your meetings so that the next session is as productive as possible.

Discuss how confidential information will be handled

Sign a copy to keep for your records.
[Link to the Acorn Mentoring Agreement .PDF]


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