Goal Setting + Managing Expectations

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Setting a goal to work towards over the next five months is a great basis for you to drill into the knowledge your mentor has stored away. For some, setting goals is easy. For others, they just really don’t know where to start or how to stick to them (New Years Resolutions anyone?).

The way we think about ourselves, our careers, and those around us sets the attitude in our environment AND our lives.


Thinking about goals can make your break through self-doubt. Setting goals is easy; they're a basis to reflect on your growth and who you want to be. The below video by John C. Maxwell can help spark a bit of insight into why setting goals (aka Personal Growth Plans) are important for us all.


You are probably familiar with SMART goals. SMARTER is a technique that I personally use to set the direction I want to take in my business, life, and professional networks. It is an excellent basis to identify a topic you want to learn more about, and what success in this area looks and feels like.

S - simple
M- measurable
A - attainable
R - relevant
T - time bound
E - evaluate
R - reward yourself

e.g. Create a workplace initiative (e.g. monthly 'lunch and learns') within three months to supports better connection and relationships with my team. I'll evaluate its success with a simple survey, and celebrate its completion with a delicious massage.

Now write down your goal, have it where you will see it EVERY day, and discuss it with your mentor. 


If you want to set a bit of urgency, use the method developed by Holly Ransom.

The 27 / 7 / 1  Method:

  • How can you work towards this goal in 24 hours? (write it down)

  • How can you work towards this goal in 7 days? (write it down)

  • How can you work towards this goal in 1 month? (write it down)

  • (rinse and repeat as needed)


There is no wrong way to write a goal. They are personal to you. Having a plan to help you achieve them is what will set you on a path to success.

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