The Imposter Syndrome

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It's called imposter syndrome.
Where we are constantly thinking we're not good enough, don't know enough, and will be exposed as a fraud.

It's an experience every leader and change maker goes through. 

Sometimes I find myself thinking ...

“Your writing isn’t that special — people know this stuff already.”

“You have no idea what you’re doing, and they all know!”

“Everyone is disappointed in you.”

I go through this all the time, and I talk to other leaders about it too. It's normal to feel like you are the wrong person to step up, to feel you don’t have the experience to do what is needed, or you are not ready to inspire others to come along a journey with you.

It can stop me from getting started or stop me from really enjoying what I'm doing.
The fact is, I'm never going to get rid of negative thoughts. No matter how much I meditate or eat chocolate.


I know that no one is doing my job in the way I know it ends to be done. They don’t have the same approach. They don’t have the same perspective. Sure they may have more experience and better skills BUT I know that I will execute this in a way that will make a difference to my team.

If we can't get rid of negative thoughts and Imposter Syndrome then the key is:

  • Challenge it.
    • Is this true? How do I know everyone is disappointed in me?
      In reality, my Mum, dog and mentors tell me all the time they love my work.
  • Save it.
    • When someone gives you a compliment or a gold star for a job well done ... WRITE IT DOWN! Create a gratiude journal. When ever you are feeling like a fraud open up this book and let the negativity get swept away.
  • Look at it.
    • Write a positive affirmation where you will see it everyday. Next to a mirror. Near your computer. A screen saver on your phone. Have a quote that inspires you to believe in yourself will create a positive thought habit.

You are ready to create change. You are ready to step up and push through Imposter Syndrome and be a better leader. Use these steps to build better habits and believe in yourself.

You’ve got this.

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