Reflecting on Next Steps

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We are coming to the close of this five month program, and the end of the year! 

This program is here to give new managers and emerging leaders the skills and support they need to have a positive mentoring experience.

You have been a KEY resource.

Your knowledge, advice, and ability to think outside the square have allowed our Acorn Mentees to see mentoring is a positive experience. With 65% of Acorn Mentees not having a mentor before, your positivity and support has given your Acorn Mentee the confidence to reach out and find more mentors and supporters.

Now is the time to reflect on your experiences as an Acorn Mentor. 

WHY? Your mentee should be talking to you about their next steps after the program. This conversation might be asking you to continue this mentoring partnership, or they might just thank you for support them over the past few months as they realise they are too busy OR maybe asking you if they can reach out in a few months to give you updates on their progress.

We encourage you to think about what is a good fit for you and have a frank (constructive) conversation with your mentee.

Be clear on what you want:

  • Yes, you're happy to continue this partnership,
  • No, you are unable to continue
    • A. don’t have the time,
    • B. you are signing up as an Acorn Mentor again next year, or
    • C. another reason altogether

In Feb 2018 we will be launching our next Acorn Mentoring Program and I would LOVE for you to be involved again.

Same commitment, improved resources, better matching processes and a new mentee partnership. Are you ready to be a 2018 Acorn Mentor?