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Currently, aged care narratives highlight limited opportunities for young employees and excuses, such as young people don’t want to work in here or it’s too 'unsexy'. We can’t leave young people out of this equation. Now is the time to create our future champions.

Samantha Bowen's personal experience as a carer for her mother (read more here) has embedded a firm passion to ensure we build a better future for us all. When starting her journey as a young leader in the ageing and caring industry, Samantha saw limited young employees in the workforce and heard excuses, such as young people don’t want to work in here or it’s too 'unsexy' ... 

In 2015, Samantha Bowen started Acorn Network Pty Ltd to focus on inspiring and engaging our emerging leaders and young professionals to see the potential of aged care careers - helping us all to count our leaders and build the capacity of this industry's future.

Samantha is an emerging leader in Australia's aged care scene, with a strong list of accomplishments for someone in their early 30s. She is a Federal Advisory Board Member for the NHMRC'S National Insitute for Dementia Research, a recipient of the Layne Beachley Aim For the Stars Scholarship, a non-executive board member of Women's Health and Wellbeing Services, a former Naval Sailor, has a postgraduate Masters in Occupational Therapy, and is currently completing a Masters in Ageing through the University of Melbourne.