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Currently, aged care narratives highlight limited opportunities for young employees (those under 40) and excuses, such as young people don’t want to work in here or it’s too 'unsexy'. We can’t leave young people out of this equation. Now is the time to create our future champions.

Acorn Network is focused on building awareness of the need to engage young professionals and supporting intergenerational connection in our workplaces.

Young people don’t see their peers achieving and leading, universities under-promote our industry's potential, and aged care workplaces are not effectively targeting young people in their training or recruitment.

We need to improve industry diversity as aged care's workforce ages. Age diversity is known to be a key to overall business growth, improved problem solving, higher earnings, and more efficient team performance.

Acorn Network is a committed provider working with our industry to build networks that engage and inspire emerging professionals, students, established leaders, and leading organisations. We do this through:

  • National events that organically engage and connect emerging professionals and industry leaders
  • Presentations that highlight the experiences of millennials and young aged care professionals, and discuss workplace trends to encourage their continued engagement
  • Mentoring programs to support connections between senior leaders and our younger emerging professionals.
  • Consulting on youth + workplace trends
  • Bringing entrepreneurs, leaders, and passionate professionals together

Our events and programs have successfully sold-out across Australia and are a brilliant opportunity for industry and established leaders to learn about the challenges facing your driven young professionals and future leaders.

We want to support aged care to build the workforce of the future. Through mentoring programs, collaborative networking events (and more) we want to work with you to ensure we have leaders and managers for today and tomorrow, it's the only way we can continue to care for the people we love in their older years.


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