The ageing and caring industry
is full of untapped potential.

Young professionals in aged and community care workplaces.
These individuals are achieving, succeeding, and excelling in workplaces
where the average employee age is 50+

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committed to connecting, inspiring and celebrating our next generation of industry talent.

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We’re not here to create followers. We’re here to inspire leaders.
— Samantha Bowen, Acorn Network Founder


Acorn Network is focused on building awareness of the need to involve young professionals and highlight the opportunities for us all within the aged care industry.

Acorn Network is a frontline provider for these nurturing and connecting collaborative aged care networks. We work with emerging professionals, students, established leaders, leading organisations and the Australian public to build initiatives and promote opportunities that are needed, wanted, and sustainable. We believe more needs to be done for us all to meet other driven professionals in a youthful, fun, and leadership driven environments -  such as running workshops, events, mentoring programs and presenting at conferences in Australia and internationally.

We want to support you to become the best leader and manager possible, it is the only way we can create collaborative workplaces for the future of aged care.

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